Ethical Guideline for Journal Publication

Ethical Guideline 

Ethics publication are norms that must be obeyed by all authors who want to publish their scientific work in media publications. Basic norms in publication are: moral priority, scientific integrity, and honesty of authors. This means:

  1. Morality: able to distinguish between good and evil behavior in writing.
  2. Scientific Integrity: construct rules, natural, and scientific truth so as not to sacrifice himself for anything
  3. Honestly: What writers do should be same as real objective conditions and not doing research or writing process that is indecent.

Ethical norms that must be held by authors who want to publish their scientific research on JPII (Journal of Indonesian Islamic Education) there are:

  1. Authors must uphold scientific behavior, understand risks and benefits of their publications
  2. Articles are not containing decent, such as: fabrication (made-up), falsification, plagiarism or auto-plagiarism, JPII have a right to not publish
  3. Authors must attach a quote fairly in all statements, ideas, which are not result of author research.
  4. Articles published is relevant to field of study JPII is the science of education and science of Islamic education
  5. Articles published should not make happen any conflict with certain parties or have potential to disrupt society
  6. All of authors are mentioned in articles published totally competent and have contributed significantly.
  7. Writers forbidden to be double publish (double manuscript submission) will publish to other journals or publications in same time (simultaneous)
  8. Part or all of articles published by JPII never published in any other publication without permission from author.
  9. Articles whould be published original research results, ideas, or thoughts of authors.


Screening Plagiarism

Policy All articles submitted will be screened for plagiarism by Google and Plagium.